Our Osteopath, Mina Kalil is at Rebound on Wednesdays. Many clients are unsure when to see him. Keep reading to learn more!
Osteopathy is a system that aims to restore the stability and function of the joints to help the body heal itself. Osteopaths practice a holistic approach, thus assessing the body as a whole and how it connects, including the internal organs. This is done through a variety of manual therapy tools/techniques to reduce pain, tension and discomfort. 

Treatment involves several different techniques including, massage, mobilisation/manipulation (the moving/movement of joints), exercise and lifestyle advice. A combination of these will be used to target specific joints and tissues to aid your body back to its most optimal function. 
You don’t have to be in pain or discomfort to visit an osteopath. Osteopathy can be great in preventing discomfort by finding and treating joints and tissues that are restricted prior to causing pain and discomfort. 

Osteopaths can manage a range of conditions including:
Neck and back pain 
Ankle, hip, knee and foot pain 
Shoulder, elbow and arm pain 
Headaches/ Migraines 
Repetitive strain and overuse injuries 
Pregnancy-related discomfort 
Sports related injuries. 
Post-surgical pain/management 
Post-traumatic pain management (whiplash, post-fracture rehab, concussion) 
Stress, digestive related issues 

Because osteopaths believe that there may be a musculoskeletal link in many conditions, osteopathy may also help with a wider range of disorders.