By Denisha

Low back pain is a very common concern physiotherapists treat. Patients often express their pain as a “symptom of aging”—but this cannot be automatically assumed! Assessment would include collecting an in-depth history and then physically testing all components often involved with back pain: movements of the spine, muscle strength/tightness, core activation and any existing imbalances (ex. hip/knee concerns), as well as reviewing any current personal exercise programs. As a pelvic physiotherapist, there are also several other areas to consider and assess- including the pelvic floor musculature. Once we identify the driver of your pain, treatment can include manual therapy (hands on care for the joints/soft tissues), stretches, core activation cues, a home program tailored to you, ergonomic education and strengthening overall- just to name a few. TIP: Daily intentional movement is very important as prevention is key!