We have all struggled with lower back, stiffness/discomfort or pain one time or another in our lifetime. You worked on the garden or may have lifted a heavy box from the garage or a quick twist the wrong way and uh oh….your whole back has stiffened up and you spend the rest of the day laying down on the couch. Instead of waiting till it goes away, or taking medication to resolve the pain, we should talk about how massage therapy can help your lower back pain or how it can be prevented in the first place.

So what is massage therapy and why does it work? Massage Therapy is the treatment and prevention of physical dysfunction and pain of the soft tissue and joints by manipulation to rehabilitate or increase physical function and relieve pain. So generally speaking, massage is an effective way to reduce restrictions and tension in the muscle, ligament and fascial tissue that attach to the lower spine and pelvis joints that has built up over the weeks, months and even years. Why does that happen? Well the most common reason is we are not moving enough and our body adjusts and adapts to our posture. In other words we sit too much and have developed fascial restrictions/adhesions and muscle tension that reduces our lower back range of motion. That is why we suffer from muscle spasm and pain periodically.

So the good news is if we just look at the situation on the preventive side, occasional or regular massage treatments before the back develops stiffness and pain will most likely prevent future back pain episodes. If you are experiencing regular or constant back pain. Massage therapy will assist you on your way to recovery as we can resolve the muscle tension and restriction to get you back to your normal activities of living without the stress and aggravation of pain. Don’t ignore it any longer. 

Massage Therapy is a great option to help resolve the pain you’re experiencing in your lower back. As therapists we will assess your limitations and what is aggravating the pain. Massage therapists’ goal is to reduce restriction and tension in the muscles, ligaments, and fascial tissue to calm the nervous system and reduce stress and inflammation as well as reduce muscle restriction and tension that is causing your lower back pain. It is also a great tool in preventing the pain in the first place  Book your next massage appointment today. You are worth the time and self care!