What influenced your decision to become a Massage Therapist?

I’ve always wanted to work in the healthcare industry. I find that helping individuals with their issues make me feel accomplished like no other job has. It wasn’t until when my grandfather was sick that triggered my interested in massage specifically. I kneaded his hands and feet mimicking what he did back when he got sick. And to my surprise he got better. I had a realization that I was great working hands-on, so I pursued the career. It’s been two and a half years now and I’m still loving every minute. 

What are the top three most common issues you help clients address?

Number one would have to be low back pain, either from disk herniation or muscle strain. Second, shoulder injuries like rotator cuff tears and third, is knee pain from degeneration. 

What types of conditions/injuries do you enjoy treating?

There is always something to treat. Even when patients only come for relaxation- stress creates tension, and tension builds knots in your muscles. A lot of people don’t realize how much tension builds up throughout the week and they come in surprised at how sore their back & shoulders are. That said, I very much enjoy treating stress related tension and teaching patients proper posture and work ergonomics. 

What types of treatment methods/approaches do you use?

I start out with an assessment to see where the patient is physically, or in some cases mentally. After ruling out any red flags I then set reasonable and achievable short-term goals for them. I would then give the patient a few remedial exercises after a treatment as we work together to achieve their goal. I provide deep tissue, or Swedish massage, and am certified in cupping therapy.

What is your treatment philosophy?

Don’t make things more complicated than they need to be.

What is a common question patients ask you?

Do your hands get tired?… lol

If you could give everyone one piece of advice this winter what would it be?

When walking on snow or ice , look to the experts. Walk like a penguin. Center your gravity on your whole foot instead of your heels. You’ll look a bit silly but at least you’ll avoid injury. 

What do you like to do for fun/or tell us something most people don’t know about you?

On my free time you’ll often find me playing my guitar or rocking the drums. I enjoy jammin’ out with friends and occasionally singing karaoke after a few drinks. To stay healthy I try and squeeze in a workout between patients or during my lunch break. So if you see me around the gym, come say hi. I’d be glad to answer any questions or even spot you on your next heavy set.