By Charisse Manalil, RMT

What is KinesioTape?
More widely known as K-Tape, it is a taping technique that is intended to provide support and stability to muscles and joints without restricting the body’s available range of motion. It also assists to extend the benefits of any manual therapy that was applied to soft tissue within the clinic setting. It has and continues to become popular with sports such as basketball, tennis, soccer and long/short distance running to name a few. However, the use of K-Tape is also appropriate for the average individual who perhaps works at a desk sitting in front of the computer, someone who is constantly bearing heavy loads, or someone who is working with tools majority of their work shift. Whether our bodies feel pain due to repetitive movements, bearing heavy weight, or adapting to improper posture, K-Tape can help reduce tension and provide support depending on how severe or acute the injury.
Some Benefits of K-TapeDecrease inflammationSupports muscles, joints, and/or ligamentsProvides joint stabilityPain relief before, during or after activity It is completely safe for anyone of any age to wear, however although most brands now use a hypoallergenic type of acrylic within the adhesive, some do not and those who are sensitive to acrylic may elicit a slight reaction to the tape. K-Tape can last up to 3-5 days, depending on where it is on the body (for example tape on you back will last longer that tape on your foot).
A proper assessment is very important with any treatment plan. With that said, in order to obtain any desired results from the use of K-Tape it is important to first determine if it is necessary. It is also important to remember that K-Tape does not target the cause of pain or work to eliminate it! It can be used in addition to other treatments such a chiropractic, physiotherapy, or massage therapy!