What influenced your decision to become a Massage Therapist?
I knew I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare and what pushed me to choose massage therapy was the opportunity to create and build on client relationships and having the chance to really make a positive difference to someone’s health and lifestyle. I love being able to communicate with my clients about their goals and their progress.

What are the top three most common issues you help clients address?
 The top 3 most common issues that I help clients address are postural awareness, common tension areas, and the importance of movement and exercise.

What types of conditions/injuries do you enjoy treating?
 I can’t name a particular condition or injury that I enjoy treating the most but I can say that of all the areas of the body I do enjoy treating the neck and shoulders the most. I feel that most – if not all – people carry tension and stress in the neck, and some don’t even know how severe the tension really is until they get a massage.

What types of treatment methods/approaches do you use?
 Aside from general Swedish techniques I incorporate Fascial Stretch Therapy into my treatments if I find it necessary and I feel it can benefit my clients. I’m thankful to have been certified with Fascial Stretch because it really helps clients let go if I find that they are really tense and having a difficult time relaxing on the table. Fascial Stretch also provides a deeper stretch in certain areas that client’s may not be able to feel if they were to stretch on their own. I will also be taking an acupuncture course this fall which I am very excited about and I cannot wait to provide this treatment for my clients

What is a common question patients ask you?
Patients always ask me, “Don’t you get tired from massaging?” The truth is, after a long day it can get tiring. However, being mindful of my body mechanics and my posture when I treat really helps to prevent any heavy strain on my own body and I think that incorporating fitness and activity into my own lifestyle has helped with my endurance and longevity as a health practitioner.

If you could give everyone one piece of advice this summer what would it be?
 My advice would be: make the most of all of your days, not just for the summer but all year round! The hot weather is always nice, but don’t just wait for summer in order to go out and experience things. I find that it’s tough sometimes to find that work-life balance. I myself am guilty for working too much sometimes but this year, I have made sure to make time for things and people that make me happy.

What do you like to do for fun/or tell us something most people don’t know about you
I love anything to do with the outdoors like hiking, camping, kayaking to name a few! In my free time I enjoy going to the gym. It is the BEST outlet for me to distress, recharge, and I just feel absolutely amazing after a good workout. I don’t talk about it often but I l also love to dance. I did Filipino cultural dance for about 10 years and I did competitive hip-hop dance in University. Don’t be surprised if you see me and I’m dancing to no music but the one playing in my head!